Why Choose A Love for Life?

We strongly believe that residents of A Love For Life are here to open a new chapter in their lives. A chapter full of the spirit of love, laughter and life.

We owe it to our elders, who have worked so hard all their lives while raising families of their own, to provide them with the comfort, safety dignity and respect they truly deserve.

Care-giving at A Love For Life is not only attending to the physical and mental health needs of the residents but also about attending to their whole life needs. We aim to provide a sense of belonging, daily hugs, smiles and kisses, a shoulder to cry on when needed, communication, and interaction and socialization. Most of all we strive to infuse each and every day with fun, laughter and joy.

This is a Love For Life, this is what we are and this is what we do.

Our Staff Are Professional and Professionally Trained!

At  A Love For Life, we are careful and selective when evaluating potential staff to Join Our Team as a Care Associate.  Professionalism, integrity, compassion, and patience are the cornerstones of desirable traits that we look for and of equal importance in our team  are a sense of  gentleness, fun-loving, high-spirits, and kindness.

All Care Associates at A Love For Life meet and exceed State standards for assisted living training.  In addition to Care Assistance training, our staff is trained in the areas of dementia, hospice, medication assistance, First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety, Food Safety, General Safety, Risk Management and more.  They are trained by professional Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Hospice & Home Health Care nurses, Pharmacists, AFD Fire Department professionals, Food Safety professionals, Bereavement Specialists, and others.

Annual Spring refresher training is a must every year. We also provide nationally renowned ServSafe food management training for all of our kitchen staff.

In addition to our training, we provide a minimum of 80 to 100 hours of on-the-job supervised training by senior staff before a Care Associate is permitted to provide independent caregiving.

Oh!  And another standout!

Our staffing ratios of Care Associates to Residents far exceed State requirements.  Our staffing ratios are generally higher than most in our industry.   This is important and should be strongly considered when selecting a home for your family member.

We Are Technically Advanced

We believe it is critical to provide the best and most efficient care and experience for our residents. We do this by taking advantage of the latest advances in technology for all aspects of our daily operations.

  • We utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR). A residents medication needs are recorded in an electronic database and administered as directed by their physician
  • We operate the Dispel medication dispensation  system which adds significant efficiencies freeing up our staff to spend more time with the residents
  • The resident’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are all tracked and monitored electronically, including meals and showers for example. These records are invaluable for a consulting physician in the event of a medical emergency
  • We have installed an electronically controlled commercial grade Fire Sprinkler System
  • We have installed a best in class DSC system which offers Door Watch and Access Control for resident and staff safety. This prevents residents leaving the premises unaccompanied and prevents unauthorized entry from outside
  • We utilize a wireless DSC Nurse Call System
  • We operate Wireless Security Systems

The Comfort of Our Residents is a Top Priority

  • We provide gourmet, healthy, home cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef with fresh locally sourced ingredients
  • Free wireless internet access is available throughout the facility
  • There is cable TV access in all resident rooms
  • We offer private rooms with half-baths
  • We have spacious community areas
  • We have a large back-yard with shaded patio
  • We have beautiful views of the Sandia Mountains

Our overriding priority at A Love For Life is the quality of life of our residents. We strive to make their every day a joy to live. We provide exceptional care by professional staff. We deploy the latest technology to provide safety and security, and efficient operation of the facility.

Nap time!

Last But Most Important – Our Residents Are Happy!

This is A Love For Life, this is what we are and this is what we do.

If this is of interest to you or your loved ones please call (505) 514-2269 or send us a message. We’d be delighted to talk to you and welcome the privilege of having you or your loved ones join us as a resident.