Our Staff Are Professional and Professionally Trained!

At A Love For Life, we are careful and selective when evaluating potential staff to Join Our Team as a Care Associate.  Professionalism, integrity, compassion, and patience are the cornerstones of desirable traits that we look for and of equal importance in our team  are a sense of gentleness, fun-loving, high-spirits, and kindness.

Staff Training

Every year our staff receives continuous training so that they are equipped with the latest knowledge. Expanding our staff’s knowledge is part of our objective to provide the highest level of care to our residents.

All Care Associates at A Love For Life meet and exceed State standards for assisted living training. In addition to Care Assistance training, our staff is trained in the areas of Dementia, Hospice, Medication Assistance, First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety, Food Safety, General Safety, Risk Management and more. They are trained by professional Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Hospice & Home Health Care nurses, Pharmacists, AFD Fire Department professionals, Food Safety professionals, Bereavement Specialists, and others.

In addition to our training, we provide a minimum of 100 hours of on-the-job supervised training by senior staff before a Care Associate is permitted to provide independent caregiving.

Every year we conduct our annual spring training classes to stay up to date with current best practices and new technologies in the field of elder care. We pride ourselves on providing a learning environment for students pursuing medical careers such as Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse and Physician.

Our staffing ratios of Care Associates to Residents far exceed State requirements. Our staffing ratios are generally higher than most in our industry. This is important and should be strongly considered when selecting a home for your family member.