We believe it is critical to provide the best and most efficient care and experience for our residents. We do this by taking advantage of the latest advances in technology for all aspects of our daily operations.

  • We utilize Electronic Medication Management. A residents medication needs are recorded in an electronic database and administered as directed by their physician
  • The resident’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) are all tracked and monitored electronically, including meals and showers for example. These records are invaluable for a consulting physician in the event of a medical emergency
  • We have installed an electronically controlled commercial grade Fire Sprinkler System
  • We have installed a best in class DSC system which offers Door Watch and Access Control for resident and staff safety. This prevents residents leaving the premises unaccompanied and prevents unauthorized entry from outside
  • We utilize a wireless DSC Nurse Call System
  • We operate Wireless Security Systems
  • If necessary we use various types of alarms to inform us prior to a potential fall (floor alarms, tab alarms), and other monitoring systems
Our Technology