We understand how important it is to provide healthy meals for our residents. A vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables are so important.  Low sodium meals are also important.  Preparing meals that are soft (for those who use dentures) is also important for proper nutrition.  There is much to consider when preparing meals for elderly individuals and those with dementia. With all this in mind:

  • We provide gourmet, healthy, home cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef with fresh locally sourced ingredients
  • We prepare fresh meals daily
  • Menus are frequently rotated
  • Menus are tailored for resident preference and nutrition need
  • Healthy snacks are provided routinely and as requested
  • We provide meals that are visually appealing (this is especially important for those with decreased appetites)

Knowing how susceptible our residents are to food borne illness, we pay particular attention to our kitchen practices. While not required to do so, we took an extra step and sent our chef and kitchen personnel to the nationally recognized ServeSafe Program for Managers and Food Handlers. ServeSafe is a well known and respected National Restaurant Association program.