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A Love For Life – That’s What We Are!

We are two Residential Assisted Living Homes nestled in upscale residential neighborhoods in Albuquerque NM, New Mexico.

A Love For Life™ residential assisted living for seniors provides care in a home-style environment with a focus on independence, respect, dignity, privacy, and safety.

We integrate our resident family members, our staff, our volunteer staff, and our extended families into our home in the spirit of love, laughter, and life.


A Love For Life Services

Alzheimer's Care


Our staff are trained in the special needs care of those afflicted with dementia including Alzheimer’s. Our homes are also very secure and technologically advanced.


Comfortable Homes


Our focus is to make A Love For Life™ a home away from home for our residents. Our homes are secure, comfortable, clean and well maintained.


Qualified Staff


All Care Associates at A Love For Life™ meet and exceed State standards for assisted living training. The owner is an RN and we have an on call board certified geriatrician


Hospice Care


We are an “end of life” (aging in place) home. We work closely with hospice physicians and nurses, and families to keep our residents comfortable through the last phase of life.


Interdisciplinary Meetings


We hold regular interdisciplinary care meetings with RN, Pharmacist, and Geriatric Physician to ensure the best management of our residents care and well being.




We understand the importance of healthy meals. We provide gourmet, healthy, home cooked meals prepared by our in-house chef using fresh locally sourced ingredients.


Selecting The Right Assisted Living Home

Entrusting the care of your loved one to somebody else, for what might be their last remaining years, is a big decision and not to be taken lightly. It’s a decision that requires careful planning and research. Many factors need to be taken into consideration.

It’s with this in mind I decided to write an informative and educational guide on the key factors a prospective client should take into consideration when choosing an assisted living home. I hope and trust this guide is of value to those of you facing this heart wrenching situation.


The Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved Ones

What's Happening!

A peek inside our daily lives to get to know us better and our thoughts and views on elderly care.

What You Say About Us

You have created a wonderful “home” for these people, and by extension, their families. And at a reasonable cost. I really couldn’t imagine a better place for my mom to be, other than to still be healthy and living in her own home. I know of what I speak. I used to work as a hospice nurse and have been in many homes and facilities. And you are in the process of creating another “home”. You are a big hearted person, and you have a gift for hiring and training big hearted, caring and fun people. That makes all the difference, in addition to their skill and professionalism. And it starts with you and trickles down – “Trickle down healthcare”. Even in her advanced Alzheimer’s, my mom sings and dances more now than I’ve ever seen her do before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. To all of you.

scott cunningham

I regularly visited this innovative Residential Assisted Living Home over a 2 year period as I served a Hospice patient who resided there.  Towards the end of this man’s life, I saw firsthand the exemplary care given to all of those who made A Love For Life their home.  They had the beautiful art of easing a dying man by respectfully giving genuine, individualistic, respectful services to him and his family during his last hours.  I could not have asked for more for my patient.

I have recommended A Love For Life to families’ and continue to do so.  This organization is a Senior Living exemplar; one that other Assisted Livings try to obtain.

Elizabeth Zimmer

I am impressed with the care and medication management of Roann and her fantastic staff at A Love for Life. I have worked with Roann for over a year and her priority is always the best care for her residents. I visit the home at different times and on different days and it is always an active, positive environment with fun activities and great smelling meals and snacks. As a consultant pharmacist I am very focused on the organization, management and cleanliness of a facility and A Love for Life always meets or exceeds my expectations.

Lori Carabajal

I love it here! My son found this place and I’m so glad he did! They take such good care of us and the food is always delicious.

Bonnie Davidson

We know that our mother is well-cared for in a safe place. The quality of the staff under Roann’s direction (a medical professional who is frequently on-site supervising) is a big plus.

Barbara Edwards Exley

I have known Roann for almost 20 years in multiple capacities in the medical profession. Throughout these various career experiences, Roann has displayed remarkable character traits. She displays excellent communication skills both evidenced in her work in direct patient care as well as in her supervisory capacities in employee management. Her character has been particularly manifest in challenging work situations. I believe that she would be an excellent leader in assistive living facility operations and management, and I have no doubt that she will excel in such capacities.


My step-mother has been a resident at A Love For Life for almost three years. She has received the best of care along with affectionate concern for her day-to-day contentment.  Her memory issues and her personal care issues are always fully taken care of.

wilbur stearns

My sister is a resident at A Love For Life, and I am more than pleased with her care.  The staff love her and she lights up when they tend to her needs.  I have been with her at several other care centers and A Love For Life is the very best.  She really feels it is her home and is happy there.  They keep her looking nice; doing her hair, nails, and putting on her make-up.  The meals are great and overall she couldn’t be in a better place!

rose eisele

When you walk into A Love for Life, it feels like a big hug.  Roann and staff embrace the concept of providing a true home for our cherished mom and all the residents.  Words cannot express how much we trust and appreciate the around-the-clock  staff who watch over our mom, who thoughtfully and skillfully work to make her life as happy and safe as possible and who always manage to smile and make us feel at home.   We can sleep at night knowing our cherished mom is safe, well cared for and most of all, loved.

Carol Wardrop and Doris Basile