Why I Put The Love in “A Love For Life”

Good question!

It’s amazing how many times I get asked, "How did you come up with that name?" Well… let me tell you.


What is Love?

There are many forms of love; love for your parents, love for your siblings, love for your partner, love for the divine, love for a pet, love for your country, etc. Love is very hard to define. It’s something we find easier to feel and experience than articulate and discuss.

"Love is what makes the world go round" so they say.  This is a statement we are all familiar with and there’s a lot of truth to it. Love is the strongest emotion we have. Much stronger than pride and hate. It’s what binds us together and is the essence of our humanity. And love has the power to heal and transform.

Surviving a Terrorist Attack

In the video below Gill Hicks tells a story of compassion, humanity and love, borne from surviving a terrorist attack on the London subway on July 7 2005. That compassion, humanity and love she experienced from first responders gave her the strength to fight and survive.

The Transformative Power of Love

It’s the healing and transformative power of love that is the essence of "love" in A Love For Life™. A love that is based on passion; in this case, my passion for elder care. It’s also a love based on compassion, affection and kindness that can be expressed in such simple gestures as a kind word, a kiss on the cheek or holding of the hand. A love that provides strength, raises you up when you feel down, makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face, overcomes challenges, eases pain, energizes you and makes you feel happy.

This transformative power can be seen every day on the faces and in the gestures of our residents and of course my staff. For without my passion and without the staff‘s compassion, affection, and kindness there would be no "love" in A Love For Life™. Together, we are the "love transmitters" and we work extremely hard at it day in day out.

Love Can Extend Your Life

Out of the blue, in a recent discussion with a regular visiting physician, he remarked that the culture and the standard of care at A Love For Life™ has at least in one particular case, added 1 to 2 years to our resident’s life.   That comment really tugged at my heart strings.  Why?  Because five years ago when I gave so much thought to our name, my mission was to apply the truly transformative power of love to all that we do.  This comment was validation! We have ignited "A Love For Life" in each and every one of our residents. And that is all I set out to do…..


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